Be Resourceful


BE RESOURCEFUL through training programs

You’ve decided on what you want to achieve? Then it’s time to choose your tools and tactics. Select the programs that will help you develop individual talent and teamwork skills. Grow personally and professionally, so you can inspire other members of your group to also evolve. You have all the resources at hand.


Negotiation Skills

If you know how to ask, you can get anything you want (well, almost anything). Learn how to prepare your negotiation plan, decide on your negotiation style and avoid common mistakes. By the end of the training, you’ll be able to apply negotiation tactics, techniques and useful tips, but also to defuse arguments and to counter argument. Ask and you shall receive!


Communication Program

How do you ask questions to get the full information? What do we “say” non-verbally? How do you avoid communication mistakes? How do you actively listen to get constructive feedback and what exactly does “feedforward” mean? You have the questions, we help you find the answers and more.


Conflict Management

Learn how to manage (or even defuse) common conflicts with bosses, colleagues, clients and employees, how to take positive actions in critical situations and how to master power games. No stress necessary.


Project Management [the basics]

Set objectives and strategy, prioritize stages and tasks, identify resources, assess risks, manage the budget, communicate with the team. The theory is simple enough, now let’s put it into practice.


Team Management

A system is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the same with the team. Discover the group’s inner interactions, boost efficiency through collaboration, establish roles and responsibilities. And don’t forget to lead by example.


Change Management

Change may be the only constant in our contemporary society, and yet not everyone is prepared for it. Have a deeper understanding of the organizational change concept, learn how to minimize discomfort and resistance to inherent transformations, provide safety, inspirational models and tools for proper adjustment. Be aware that, without change, progress is impossible.


Customer Care

If you don’t take proper care of your clients, your competition will. Before the next customer interaction occurs, you’d better learn what they expect from your company, how to listen actively and emphatically, what your role is in this interaction and what solutions you can offer. Your company’s success and image rely on the service.


Problem solving and decision making

Practice your critical thinking, systematically identify and analyze the problem, argue and respond to arguments, reconcile and make the decision to solve the issue. You see? No problem, it only takes a little practice.


Personal Efficiency

Your company’s success depends on each person’s productivity. Increase employee efficiency by focusing on objectives, prioritization and smart time management. Add this training to your “to do list”.


Time Management

Time flies anyway, so you’d better choose its destination. Set your priorities straight, delegate what others can do, protect yourself from “the time thieves” and learn to effectively use the time matrix. Better now than later.


Presentation Skills

Mark Twain used to say that he needed three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. If you don’t have the luxury of time, we can help you speed up to the process. Learn how to set the presentation objectives, keep the audience in mind, communicate verbally and non-verbally, interact with the public. And simply feel good on stage!


Effective Meetings

15 minutes or four long hours? Learn to effectively plan your meeting, to prepare supporting materials, to organize the conference, to follow closely the agenda and to follow-up when the team leaves the room. See you in the “dance hall”, ok?


Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the strongest currency of the century. Prepare your company for success by creating an innovative climate, by acquiring techniques to stimulate creativity and by spotting innovative ideas. Start here.


1 + 1 = 3

In every organization, a leader’s vision has to descend from the wall amongst real people, to inspire, to fuel efforts, to channel actions. A meeting with the entire group is mandatory to verify one simple truth: “TEAM” stands for “Together, Everyone Achieves More”.

Practical Skills for Field Sales

To quote coach Patricia Fripp: ‘If you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise, you don’t close a sale, you open a relationship’. So, learn how to approach customers, how to sell’ yourself and how to apply the sales psychology process. Once you master the theory, let’s see it in action.


Phone Sales Skills

In Romania there are about 23 million active SIM cards. Imagine this huge market! Acquire skills to sell and offer counseling over the phone, follow the script step by step and complete the transaction. Now let’s have a little practice session: “Hello, is it ‘sales’ you’re looking for”?


Major Accounts Management

In your company portfolio, some clients are more “equal” than others. Make sure you offer the proper attention to the latter category. We will help you identify major accounts, rank them and develop strong relationships with these customers. Create added value to get extra profit.


Forecasting and data modeling

The seamless interconnection of customers and markets allows the collection of “big data”. But how do you tame this huge information mammoth? Learn how to take business decisions. Feel the market pulse. Forecast your company’s evolution, considering major influence and risk factors. It’s Math, but not only.


Management by objectives

A reliable system reinvents itself over time. Management by objectives is still fresh at 60 years of “age”. We show you how to implement the updated MBO system within your organization, how to set achievable objectives and how to reach them with the available resources. You can rely on its efficiency!


Strategy and tactics for sales and marketing

As many departments, as many jargons. Make sure all your teams are on the same page and speak the same language. Learn how to create relationships and align activities between departments, especially between Marketing and Sales. Re-evaluate all activities within your organization and offer your company a fresh start for better results.


The Coaching Manager

In order to be an inspirational leader for a great team, you should strive to become an equally great coach. Discover the coaching process steps (and its subtleties), learn how to talk to each member of your group and how you can implement coaching in your company. Develop these skills and you’ll be developing the entire team.


Planning and Organizing Sales

While rushing to get new business, don’t neglect your current customers. We offer solutions and tactical tools for balancing short-term sales with long-term strategy. Make sure you view the correct big picture of your company’s present and future.


Training for future trainers

From calling, to part-time career! Discover trainer’s potential in the people in your company, then grow it so you can have your own training mini-department. You save time, money and earn respect from your team for identifying the hidden talent of your employees.


Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, the founder of EQ concept, believes that the emotional side of your brain is always faster in response than the rational side. By developing your EQ, you become more optimistic, you’re able to find new solutions for old issues, you’ll find it easier to inspire and influence colleagues and customers. Think and, especially, feel positive!


Focus on results

Salvador Dali wrote that we should have no fear of perfection, as we’ll never achieve it. Rather than trying, better learn how to prioritize your goals and how to reach them with the resources at hand, how to create your plan B and when to put it in practice, how to organize your day so that you cross the entire “to do” list.


Finances for non-financial people

If you find Excel spreadsheets with many digits too scary, that’s ok, we can help. Get familiar with “the money flow” in your company, learn how to read financial information and how to use it to make the right decisions for your department or company. Don’t worry, it’s only money.