Act Spectacular


ACT SPECTACULAR with Metamorphosis workshop

When a talented employee shows both team spirit and leadership skills, they are likely to become the leader of the group. At this stage of development, Metamorphosis workshop helps you reach your full leadership potential. You will learn to find your own resources within, in order to express yourself memorably in any circumstance. Following the course, you will know exactly who you are and what you can do, how to reinvent yourself so that you get the expected results and the “15 minutes of fame” on your businessstage.



How do you respond to unforeseen situations? What lies outside your comfort zone? Can you make decisions on the spot, on bits of information? The actor-director-trainer Dan Vasile challenges you to deeply analyze yourself in relation to others, to re-know yourself, to find your hidden qualities and to push them to the highest level. To reinvent yourself, that is.

Metamorphosis stimulates your intuitive leadership potential through experiential learning and various unconventional methods.

These will get you out of your comfort zone and will force you to find new resources or intuitive solutions to solve problems. The challenges encourage you to access your intuition – that’s usually left behind logical thinking, analysis or experience.

Workshop topics: “I” in relation to others • The focus point, an anti-stress solution • Moving on stage, speech and emotional mobility • Non-verbal improvisation, on the spot dialogue • Creativity boost and practice • Playing roles in uncommon situations • Empathy and emotional intelligence • Managing tense relationships.

Dan Vasile’s improvisation exercises ‘threw us out of balance’. He made us give up the socio-professional masks and go back to authentically experience life. This training-through-theatre comes as an alternative to traditional leadership courses.Alin Cirstea, ex CEO TDT Distribution

The Metamorphosis program has given me a deeper understanding of myself and made me more open towards the others. Aura Radulescu, Acquisitions Director, CORA

To me, Metamorphosis was the experience of a lifetime that came at the right time. Bogdan Staicu, Executive Director Mobexpert Holding