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My mother said to me, "If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope." Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. (Pablo Picasso)
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From employee to super star

Every person has a unique potential. Trainart mission is to uncover this potential in everyone within a company and to develop it fully, to its best form.

In other words, Trainart supports employees in reinventing themselves to their brightest versions, following an integrated process of three ascending steps:



Individual coaching


Training and team building programs


Metamorphosis, (trans)formation of the leader


In our vision, every employee and leader of a company should wholeheartedly enjoy the work they do. It’s the only way they can actually bring added value to the organization.

This is possible only by following a full process that includes both professional development and personal evolution. “Empowered, Resourceful, Spectacular” are the three steps of any professional’s journey, and also the three key-values to support their growth and, consequently, the success of your company.

Trainart story, an open work
It's a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.
Act 1

There comes a time - maybe a Sunday afternoon, maybe the 3 AM hour in the office - when the inevitable question arises. "Is this really what I want to do in life?" Ignore the question and finish the job like a pro, but one thing is certain: the question is not going away. Because you need a change.

For me, the moment of change came in 2006, when my inner voice began to tell me increasingly loud "Have you got something to say? Would you do things differently? Go on, what are you waiting for?"

After six restless months and continuous evaluation of possibilities, I finally made up my mind. I gave up my job in high-profile training and consultancy company. I left behind the stiff, uninspiring mission statements, the boring rigidity and the "now! now! now!" approach - which didn't appeal to me anymore. Instead, I invented a flexible organism, closer to the real and immediate needs of the customer; a "lean, mean fighting machine", highly professional but non-bureaucratic and free of unnecessary dogma.

In late 2006, Trainart's curtain went up and we invited the HR public to the show...

Act 2

...And only a handful of people showed up at the premiere. I learned - the hard way - lesson #1 they teach in entrepreneurs' school. "Any start is hard."

It was hard especially because I had to start all over again. I had to prove that I'm still the same professional under a new set of clothes, I had to regain my former customers' trust, I had to push "Trainart. The soft skills specialist" in the spotlight, on the HR stage.

During this period, I met a few beautiful, crazy people. They were the experienced professionals that became the first Trainart team. Step by step and show after show, things started to sit well on the stage.

Act 3

They say you truly learn to sail on stormy seas. For me, the "stormy sea" was the crisis of 2009, which re-shaped my way of thinking. During rough times, when all companies were trying to keep themselves afloat and minimize the damage, no one was thinking about training.

So I had to restructure and reinvent Trainart once again. Employees became collaborators, but - most importantly - we stayed friends. In addition, the major gain of 2009 came shining as a great person, the theatre director Dan Vasile. Together we created the Metamorphosis program, in which I was trying to connect for the first time two worlds that I hold very dear - business and theatre.

All hardships and shortcomings pushed us and helped us grow. We became more creative and came out stronger on the other side of the crisis.

Act 4

At the beginning of 2015, we decided it was time for a new "costume", as the role we had been playing for some years on the business stage had changed substantially.

First, we grew as a team. We've totally embraced the very philosophy that we propose to our customers, we've "metamorphosed" and we continue to learn every day. We are the same professionals, with even more lust for life and desire to help others achieve their full potential, wherever they may be.

Second, we restructured our offer, following the natural process that all employees go through, from the first moment they step in a company, working their way through office activities, field duties and meetings, up to the manager's chair.

We created this process because we think that a person is more than the sum of their abilities. Only by viewing each person as a complex human being can we offer them the development tools appropriate for every stage - from individual coaching, to training programs for enhancing professional abilities and team spirit, and finally to helping them turn into authentic leaders, capable to reinvent themselves and to inspire evolution.

Last but not least, we reinvented the brand identity. Our new approach takes form in a new logo and a new tagline. "Empowered, Resourceful, Spectacular" summarizes the current Trainart promise.

We can help you reinvent yourself in the most glamorous version of yourself.

Act 5

The show continues with even more energy, more lights, more actors.

We strongly believe that every person should wholeheartedly enjoy coming to work. In fact, Steve Jobs was right when he said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

After interacting with Trainart, chances are that your employees and leaders will have a positive attitude towards their job, will acknowledge their own value and the added-value they bring to the team. We would happily participate in this process of rediscovery, reinvention and recalibration of the people within your company.

When looking in our mirror, people see themselves as complex microcosms evolving every day. And we can help them reach their full potential.

Trainart team
Passion. Experience. Careful planning, and also improvisation on the spur of the moment, as well.This is how we design complex development programs for employees. We shift entirely the classical, well-known trainings paradigm, to create experiences that are memorable and effective, playful and serious, highly professional and deeply human at the same time.
Adriana Boscanici

She created Trainart, which she has been managing for the past 7 years. During the 12 years spent in developing people, she has trained and developed more than 4,000 people in areas such as management and leadership, negotiation, creativity and innovation, presentation skills, persuasive communication tactics and problem solving techniques. She likes to travel around the world and return home recharged with beautiful experiences and life lessons.

Qualifications and certificates: Bucharest University, Foreign Languages and Literature • CoActive Coaching Certificate (CTI) • Management development program (CODECS) • ITOL affiliate and certified learning and professional development • Mercedes Benz certified evaluator of sales consultants • Global Career Development Facilitator (CCE Europe) • CNFPA Trainer certificate • 4 system (e-learning)

Mihai Baciu

Senior trainer with over 11 years experience and 3,000 trainees, whom he has trained in communication, sales and negotiation, team development, customer relations, presentation skills, time / conflict / change management, “train the trainers” programs. He considers experiential learning the most efficient method of transmitting information during trainings. His vacations are dedicated to traveling, summer means cycling and winter – snowboarding.

Qualifications and certificates: University of Bucharest – Sociology and Social Assistance • “Y-PEER Training of Trainers in Theatre Based Education”, Marrakech, Morocco (UNFPA) • “Y-PEER Advanced Peer Education Training of Trainers” Istanbul, Turkey (UNFPA) • “Forum Theatre Training” Izmir, Turkey (Art Fusion) • NLP Practitioner • Situational leadership II • CNFPA Trainer certificate

Bogdan Popescu

A trainer who focuses on removing barriers and building lasting relationships. With his direct and positive approach, he trained over 5,000 participants, during the 14 years of experience in trainings, in such areas as sales, customer service, time management, presentation skills and persuasive communication. When he gets away from the office, he likes to recharge his batteries in nature, either on the ski tracks or slicing the waves with his kitesurfing board.

Qualifications and certificates: Politehnica University of Bucharest – Electronics and Telecommunications • DiSC® Certified Trainer • Mercedes-Benz certified evaluator of sales consultants • Art of Hosting certified practitioner • CNFPA Trainer certificate

Catalin Mantescu

“The trainer of teams” has 10 years of experience in organizing team building and more than 3,000 trainees so far. He is specialized in team dynamics, ranging from communication and conflict management to creativity and innovation. He spends his free time in nature – either on the bicycle saddle or up in the air, paragliding or with a parachute strapped to his back.

Qualifications and certificates: Politehnica University of Bucharest • Ski monitor certificate • Cycling trainer certificate

Daniela Vlasceanu

If you want to smartly manage your finances, it would be wise to rely on Daniela Vlasceanu’s19 years of experience in senior management positions and 12 years of expertise in financial training for managers in private and state companies. Over 800 multinational companies’ executives took notes in her financial management, budget control and project management courses. When she’s not speaking of money and business, Daniela is a dedicated family person who enjoys practicing her skills in the kitchen and “devouring” romance novels and personal development books.

Qualifications and certificates: Politehnica University of Bucharest • Accounting and Financial Administration Software, Hyperion University Bucharest • Euro Best Team – Project Management Certificate • CPI -“Train the Trainers” Certified Trainer • IMPROMAN Program at The University of Gents (Belgium) – “Lean Manufacturing” trainer • Coaching • CNFPA Trainer certificate

Lucian Petrea
Lucian Petrea

“Sell me this pen!” For over 20 years, Lucian has been forming and motivating sales forces in various areas, ranging from IT and cosmetics to food. He’s specialized and experienced in sales, sales management, distribution business management, negotiation and customer relations. When he ends his training, he opens up the hobby-box, where one can find music and sound engineering, spirituality and trekking.

Qualifications and certificates: Politehnica University of Bucharest • Strategescu: Persuasive Sales; DPSM (2009); Conceptual Sales; Strategy (2008) • Concept Marketing: Design of Distribution, Sales Management (2007); Key Account Sales (2006); Sale Fundamentals (2005)