Visual Booster – Essentials

An image is worth a thousand words!

Find the right image and you will impress!
Use the right image and you will have a powerful impact!
Practice the graphic visualization technique and you will increase the audience’s commitment!

Visual Booster gives you a BOOST in impact, clarity and efficiency in communication and presentations.

Visual Booster is for you if you are a trainer, manager or specialist!
Visual Booster is for you if you deliver presentations and lead meetings!
Visual Booster is for you if you want more freshness and efficiency in the use of visual facilitation tools!

Thus, we, Adriana Boscanici and Mihai Baciu, the creators of Visual Booster, promise you that at the end of the workshop:

  • you will be able to increase the efficiency of the sessions you lead
  • you will maximize the impact of business presentations
  • you will increase audience engagement
  • you will be up-to-date with the latest trends in the field globally

The investment for this event is 350 Euro + VAT / person and includes:

  • a full day of workshop (9:00 – 17:00)
  • lunch break and coffee breaks
  • Visual Visual Booster materials – Essentials (booklets, markers, visual support)



“… If you don’t want to produce “death by power-point” and use the flipchart to visually present the concepts of a training, the way you do this representation can be an important element. With the help of the Visual Booster training I learned how to make the flipchart sheets look at least as good as the “worked” slides. ”The difference is immediately noticed in the reaction of the participants, who apparently needed this element as well. The surprise to be more involved … In short, after Visual Booster you feel more like an artist.”

@Diana Manescu-Bogdan  – Training Manager Sandoz Romania


“…Excellence and new vision because during the course we went completely out of everyday patterns, we looked at the world differently and we saw that we can express difficult things (sometimes too anchored in corporate wooden languages) in a simple way, but very expressive. For me, this training is a fluid source of inspiration, I feel like I have an ace up my sleeve when it comes to “impact presentations” in front of my business partners. Thanks Adriana! Thanks Mihai! Thanks to my classmates!”

@Cristina Macovei – Senior Sales Account Manager, Amway Romania


” …I applied this technique in the training I deliver and in the meetings I have with my colleagues, and the result was a positive one: I manage to express much more clearly what I want to convey, I am more efficient, and the participants understand more easily the notions presented… I was pleasantly surprised by the course, it was a relaxed atmosphere, we had fun and learned new things, we overcame our fears (in my case ),and you were wonderful. That being said, I wish you success in this project and I hope to see you again in the second part of the course.”

Cristina Marinel – Quality Assurance Analyst – Elicom Call Center


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