Individual and team coaching

1. Feel Empowered

As a coach, trainer, facilitator and business person, I have been proven over the years the efficiency of a structured process, whether we talk about business management, personal or team development.

Therefore, in addition to the individual coaching sessions dedicated to specific topics required by clients, I have created three first complex coaching programs, which solve important challenges, with major impact both at individual and organisational level.

1. Personal Power – Your public presence
Dedicated to those who want to improve their performance in the public speaking area, but also their personal image as a whole.

2. Confident Leader – Lead with confidence
Dedicated to those who want a boost of trust, efficiency and professionalism as leaders.

3. Dream Big – Innovation Accelerator
Dedicated to those who want a plus of creativity and innovation in their professional activity.

The approach in team coaching is a systemic one, oriented towards the improvement of work relations. We work with the system as a whole and not with the individuals, having the team evolution as our primary purpose.