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 2 Day – bikablo® Basic Visual Facilitation Training Bildauswahl und Montage82


What to expect in the visual facilitation training

  • holding the pen and drawing the line: How do I draw clean lines and structure my space on the flip chart?
  • graphics and text containers: How do I create simple arrows and connecting elements from basic geometric shapes in order to present related topics? Which text containers (e.g. speech bubbles) can be used to support which kinds of messages?
  • objects and symbols: How do I draw simple symbols to underline messages? What is essential, what can be left out?
  • figures: What easy ways does bikablo® provide to draw people, roles, groups and situations?
  • color and space: What are simple and fast options to color elements and spaces in a quick and simple way that supports the graphic structure?
  • writing: how do I improve my handwriting on the flip chart to make it more legible and attractive?
  • posters and settings: How do I combine the ingredients (graphics, writing, symbols, figures, and color) to create to the point visual translations of content and meaningful posters for different purposes (welcome, agenda, instructions, group work)?


  • bikablo® certificate of participation: every participant receives a bikablo® certificate of participation after completing the training.
  • bikablo® StarterSet: Every participant receives our official StarterSet including four visualization markers and two StarterBooklets that summarize the principles, content and techniques of the training on 64 pages.
  • Documentation: For follow-up participants will receive a digital photo documentation of all results.
  • Invitation to join the exclusive bikablo® Online Community for alumni with a user forum and a specialist knowledge database.
  • One-off 15% discount for purchase Neuland material.


This visual facilitation training is for you if:

  • you are (still) convinced that you are not at all talented and still would like to learn how to visualize.
  • you have little experience with visualization so far and are looking for an easy way to improve your flip charts with good handwriting,  graphics, symbols and simple figures to make them more clear, attractive, and lively.
  • you want to take your first steps into the world of visual facilitation.




Practical Info: 

Price: 950 EUR + VAT

Includes all material costs, lunch and snacks

Language: English

Location: Bucharest

​Trainer and group: Maximum 15 participants

Date: 05-06 November 2018

Times: 09.00 – 17.30 hours

Trainer: Charles-Louis de Maere – bikablo®  certified trainer