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Rebranding and a new business concept introduced by Romanian personal development company Trainart

AD Huger

Romanian personal development company Trainart, specialized in offering services to the corporate segment in Romania and abroad, refreshed its visual identity and introduced a new business concept.
The company also introduced a new slogan, “Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular”, to reflect the natural abilities of a business person that Trainart discover and develop through coaching, training and directing techniques’ development
“It was the moment for a change, especially as Trainart’s services, delivery area and the team diversified and expanded. We consolidate the presence at national level and we have advanced talks for international projects. “Empowered. Resourceful. Spectacular.” are the 3 steps of a professional’s journey but also the 3 key values that support his growth and, by extension, organization’s success” Adriana Boscanici, Founder Trainart. To read the article, click here,