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Clients who have worked with us

And some of their opinions

James Grindley, CEO and President of the Board, CertAsig

On behalf of all CertAsig colleagues, I would like to thank Trainart for organizing such an enjoyable teambuilding. Our friends from Trainart were highly involved, providing positive and productive structure to the 2 days. The choice of location was fantastic and the activities were the perfect balance of mental and physical challenges for a large team of mixed ages. Each team member was able to contribute and many were encouraged to step-up and show leadership qualities that they do not often use! This year’s team-building had a more international flavor which fits the regional expansion of CertAsig. We had plenty of fun, along with a healthy dose of competition! Thank you once again for all your assistance and making our teambuilding day such a huge success!

Anca Moldoveanu, Sales&HR Director, ING Life Insurances

Following the "Leadership" sessions, developed for our directors, the feedback was very good. All participants appreciated the open discussions, the support and encouragement offered by the trainers and the constant, balanced feedback.

Violeta Matcaboji, Trainings Responsible, Auchan Romania

In 2012, we developed with Trainart a series of trainings for Auchan store managers across the country. In 2013, together with Trainart, we conducted trainings for our internal trainers. The trainings were built on interactions with participants (interactive presentations, role play), as per Auchan model. Adriana's innovation and flexibility generated tangible results and instant usability.

Petruta Ionescu, Human Resources Director, La Dorna Group

Trainart Company impressed us with their rigor and professionalism. Their point-of-differentiation, as opposed to other training companies, was the detailed analysis and study of our company. Trainart proved to be an authentic mentor in our development.

Mirela Vasile, HR Manager, Schindler Romania

The relationship was great from the very beginning. Their ideas about the content of the program were remarkable and therefore the project was a big success!

Aida Tudoroiu, Head of Human Resources Romania, 1 & 1 Internet Development

We appreciate Trainart's professionalism in approaching the training process, after taking into account the specifics and needs of our organization. All participants left with pleasant impressions and were able to apply the new abilities in real life situations. Continuous interaction with participants, readiness for follow-up and feedback on the spot, extremely pleasant and warm location - these are the reasons for which we recommend Trainart company with utmost confidence!

Alin Cirstea, ex CEO TDT Distribution

I enjoyed very much the improvisation exercises. Basically, with these exercises, Dan Vasile 'threw us out of balance', pulled us out of the comfort zone, made us give up the socio-professional masks and go back to authentically experience life. This training-through-theatre comes as an alternative to traditional leadership courses.

Aura Radulescu, Acquisition Manager, CORA

The Metamorphosis program has given me a deeper understanding of myself and made me more open towards the others. Following the workshop, managers will be able to better know themselves and act authentically in any role they have to play throughout the day.

Sofia Ionescu, Manager, Ernst & Young

Attending the Metamorphosis course was an authentic experience and also a challenge. All the elements were created and "focused" to show that communication goes beyond words and depends more on the personal style rather than standard expressions and lists of DOs & DON'Ts. I recommend this workshop to people who are open to challenges, who seek a different, non-traditional approach and perspective.

Mugurel Margarit Enescu, Executive Director, "Principesa Margareta a Romaniei" Foundation

Metamorphosis is a two-day experience that opens you up and makes you more receptive to everything that surrounds you. It doesn't sharpen your senses, but it rather focuses on how well you feel inside. It gives you confidence and makes you break down some communication barriers. The organization is impeccable, the location - nice and warm, Dan Vasile is a skilled trainer and Adriana Boscanici successfully seconds him.

Bogdan Staicu, Executive Director Mobexpert Holding

To me, Metamorphosis was the experience of a lifetime that came at the right time.