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Mihai Baciu–After a certain number of kilometres the journey is no longer exterior,it becomes an inner one

Mihai Baciu is a soft skills trainer with 12 years of experience. Together with his wife,he has recently completed the 500km trip, El Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage route littered with legends, spirituality, astonishing views and perplexity. Throughout those 16 days, Mihai travelled about 34 kilometres a day, guided by the famous scallop shells – symbols of the route – signifying that all roads converge to one single point of self-awareness at the end of the journey. He has …

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About participants in trainings: The participant looking for universal and guaranteed solution vs. The E-R-S participant

What do you do, when, during training sessions, you are asked absolute questions expecting for absolute answers? For example: Mihai, what techniques should I use to get guaranteed success? Uniformly, I always honestly answer with another rhetorical question: Is there a technique that can be applied in any area, with any kind of client and in any situation for 100% guaranteed success? Let’s be honest, there is no such thing! And even if it would be like this, how the …

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Parallel worlds

Romania is the place where two completely different worlds exist, without interfering. One is modern, corporate-driven, democratized, “internetized”, and the other one is grey, “Cinderella”  still wearing the 80`s Romanian clothes (yes, the communist ones) and completely reluctant at everything  new. In one of my recently training experiences, because of some insignificant factors, I had the chance to walk on this grey world – one fence apart from modern world. As a metaphor, the fence recalled me the symbol of …

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