Violeta Rosu – I think you start feeling Empowered.Resourceful. Spectacular once the people you work with feel this way

Violeta Rosu is Managing Partner Blue Point, a Romanian call centre company. As a true “leader on heels”, Violeta runs a successful Romanian business in an industry ruled by multinationals. She values people and experiences, and her originality and charisma give her a very special energy. Trainart: Which are the three words you’d use to describe your life right now? V.R.: The past year has revolved around two words: growth and future plans. So far, both have mixed harmoniously and …

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Ciprian Micu

Ciprian Micu – I would like people to learn that change comes from within, not from others

Ciprian Micu is General Manager General of Obrist Eastern Europe in Timisoara, supplier for the biggest refreshments companies on the market. Ciprian is a visionary manager, committed to developing his team. He has built his career by following in his father’s footsteps, and his passion for professional sports helped him understand that `talent helps you win matches, but team work wins championships`. Trainart: When did you decide to choose this career path? C.M.: Ever since I was a child, having …

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Elena Capruciu

CONTEST: Elena Capruciu – I feel like Alice in Wonderland because I can really experiment, learn, assess and evolve on a daily basis

A part of our contest consists of interviews with the registered people. Participants have to go through 3 rounds of questions (Career, ERS and Creative Innovation) to demonstrate to the jury that they really are Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular. This interview is about Elena Capruciu, Life & Business Coach for Career Trainart: What determined you to have a career in this field? E.C.: I was around 7-8 and I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Every morning before going to school I …

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Aura Ipate3

Aura Ipate – In my point of view, a driven and happy team is the key to a successful business

Aura Ipate is General Manager the A_BEST Foreign Language Center. With an 8-year experience in teaching and 9 years in human resources management in the educational field, Aura is an oral examiner for LCCI examinations – English for Business (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry – International Qualifications from EDI) and author of educational materials. Her strong personality is doubled by the energy and passion she instills in all of her endeavors, which makes her constantly Empowered, Resourceful and Spectacular. …

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CONTEST: Andreea Vanatoru– I am the perfect ‘character’ because I bring joy and colour everywhere I am

Our contest also includes interviews with those who signed up. The contestants must answer all the questions in our 3 section (Career, ERS and Creative Innovation) in order to demonstrate to the jury that they really are Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular. The first interview is with Andreea Vanatoru, HR Professional for JCI Romania. Career Trainart: What made you decide you want a career in this field? A.V.: The favourable situation I was in at that time and the possibility to gain more knowledge …

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Denisa Tudor5

Denisa Tudor – Success is not a destination one needs to reach, it could be portrayed as beautiful bouquet of flowers

Denisa Tudor is a communication specialist and, currently, she successfully manages to handle both the Global Online Campaigns Manager position held at Bitdefender and the professor chair at National School of Political Science and Public Administration. Denisa passionately fosters creativity and innovation, and human relationships are illustrative of her professional ground. Trainart: Which is the most difficult aspect of your profession? D.T.: As a specialist, the most difficult part is coordinating people and making decisions about communication. On the other …

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Mihai Baciu

Mihai Baciu–After a certain number of kilometres the journey is no longer exterior,it becomes an inner one

Mihai Baciu is a soft skills trainer with 12 years of experience. Together with his wife,he has recently completed the 500km trip, El Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage route littered with legends, spirituality, astonishing views and perplexity. Throughout those 16 days, Mihai travelled about 34 kilometres a day, guided by the famous scallop shells – symbols of the route – signifying that all roads converge to one single point of self-awareness at the end of the journey. He has …

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Alin Cirstea

Alin Cirstea –If we don’t like the experiences we are going through, we have the power to change them

Alin Cirstea is the Business Unit Director of GSK Romania, one of the most important and diversified pharmaceutical companies in the country. His professional portfolio impressively collects different positions in different niches and business areas, and his effervescent personality turns them all into stories and advice. Trainart: In your opinion, what are your most 3 important features helping you in your career? A.C.: First of all, one of the most important abilities of mine is the one to unite, to …

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James Griendly 2

James Grindley – The things I appreciate at people around me are loyalty and proactiveness

James Grindley is the CEO of CertAsig, a specialized non-life insurance company based in Romania. He has over 15 years of experience in insurance and reinsurance including the Lloyd’s Market and his focus keeps on moving beyond the status quo. With a curious mind and a love for travel, adventure and people, James Grindley embodies the creativity and innovation that keeps his company ahead of the competition. Trainart: In your opinion, what are the top three skills needed to be …

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Cristina Horia 3

Cristina Horia – Altruism helped me be surrounded by beautiful people and gave me the feeling that I am doing well what I do

Cristina Horia is an executive director of the Sensiblu Foundation. She is among those women nominated for their contribution against domestic violence and, together with her team, she supports domestic violence female victims on their difficult path to a safer life. She speaks passionately about what she is doing and she always wants to be the best version of herself in order to make a change in Romania. Trainart: What is the first feature of yourself that comes up to …

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