Dan Vasile


Actor. Writer. Director. Trainer. Coach. After he created more than 30 shows on Romanian theatre stages, he wrote editorials for the “glossiest” of the glossy magazines, he published children story books and he created special events and TV shows, Dan passionately delivered thousands of hours of training. He started working with Trainart five years ago, when he co-created Metamorphosis. About the close relationship between theatre and business, Dan says “Theatre means, first and foremost, playing. And playing is our first step into the world. At this moment, the main rule of the game seems to be unpredictability. Only this kind of thinking can enhance the uniqueness and, ultimately, the success of personal brand or a business.” When he’s not volunteering in penitentiaries or for children in need, Dan skillfully mixes flavours in the kitchen or textures, colours and cuts to create his own bespoke apparel.

Qualifications and certificates: Hyperion University, Theatre Acting • UNATC, Theatre Directing • Master in Management and Cultural Marketing at UNATC • CoActive Coaching (CTI) • CNFPA Trainer certificate