About Us

My mother said to me, "If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope." Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. (Pablo Picasso)

From employee to super star

Every person has a unique potential. Trainart mission is to uncover this potential in everyone within a company and to develop it fully, to its best form.

In other words, Trainart supports employees in reinventing themselves to their brightest versions, following an integrated process of three ascending steps:



Individual and team coaching


Training programs


Team building programs


In our vision, every employee and leader of a company should wholeheartedly enjoy the work they do. It’s the only way they can actually bring added value to the organization.

This is possible only by following a full process that includes both professional development and personal evolution. “Empowered, Resourceful, Spectacular” are the three steps of any professional’s journey, and also the three key-values to support their growth and, consequently, the success of your company.

Trainart Team
Passion. Experience. Careful planning, and also improvisation on the spur of the moment, as well.This is how we design complex development programs for employees. We shift entirely the classical, well-known trainings paradigm, to create experiences that are memorable and effective, playful and serious, highly professional and deeply human at the same time.
Adriana Boscanici

managing partner, trainer, coach


Qualifications and certificates:

University of Bucharest – Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures • Certified Coach ICF (ACC) • CODECS managerial development program • ITOL Certification for learning and professional development • Mercedes Benz certified Evaluator for Sales advisors • Career Advisor certified by Centre for Credentialing and Education, Inc (CCE Europe) • Team Coaching Certificate – CRR Global • CNFPA certified trainer • 4system (e- learning) • Visual Facilitator

Mihai Baciu

Business partner, senior trainer


Qualifications and certificates:
“Y-PEER Advanced Peer Education Training of Trainers” Istanbul, Turkey- UNFPA • “Y-PEER Training of Trainers in Theatre Based Education” Marrakech, Morocco- UNFPA • “Training of Trainers” – “Behaviour change communication” – YfY •”Neuro Linguistic Programming“- CREU-CNC • “Situational Leadership II” • Certified Trainer – CNFPA • Visual Facilitator

Lucian Petrea



Qualifications and certificates:
Polytechnic University of Bucharest • Strategescu: Persuasive Sales; DPSM (2009) and Conceptual Sales; Strategy (2008) • Conceptual Marketing : Distribution Design, Sales Management (2007), Sales to Key Accounts (2006) and Fundamentals of Sales (2005)

Catalin Mantescu



“The trainer of teams” has 10 years of experience in organizing team building and more than 3,000 trainees so far. He is specialized in team dynamics, ranging from communication and conflict management to creativity and innovation. He spends his free time in nature – either on the bicycle saddle or up in the air, paragliding or with a parachute strapped to his back.

Qualifications and certificates: Politehnica University of Bucharest • Ski monitor certificate • Cycling trainer certificate

Catalina Eftimie

Executive training assistant


Qualifications and certificates:
Nurse responsible for general care – Nursing Junior College Fundeni • Visual Facilitator • Process Integrator • team Building Facilitator • ERP Specialist

Oana Filip



Qualifications and certificates:
Chemical Engineer, IPB – Faculty of Chemical Engineering • CNFPA Certified Trainer • CNFPA Personal development Adviser • Targeted Selection – INVICTA • Managerial series – CODEX • Certified Professor – New Paradigm MDT