Gina Calagiu – If we do not want life to just pass us by and to create it, we need to be constantly aware and consistent

Gina Calagiu is an entrepreneur and strategic consultant with over 20 years of experience, during which she not only built a solid portfolio of clients from various fields, but succeeded in achieving performance in every project she has been involved in. Gina is a real Mary Poppins both at the office and at home, blending her career with her personal life.

Trainart: What drives you to be the best every day?

G.C.: I am motivated by the belief that life is a wonderful journey, that I have received a gift and that I have the duty to put it to use in the right place.

I understood change started with each of us and each of us can change something for the better by maximizing his/her potential.

And if we do not want life to just pass us by and to create it, we need to be constantly aware and consistent… to be better every day.

Trainart: What is your most important accomplishment and how did it change you as a human being?

G.C.: I don’t know how to assess my most important accomplishment because I like to believe that we have daily, weekly, monthly, annual accomplishments and so on… This means I have a lot of accomplishments, one more important than the other…

But if I were to choose that accomplishment which changed my life, I would choose my ability to be consistent in discovering and tapping into the talents I have been endowed with and, more than that, to clarify my purpose in life or the way in which I could bring value in the community, that is in the lives of people and my dear ones, in the lives of those we share a piece of sky with.

Immediately after I found the meaning and purpose of life, I changed very much as a person. Since then I have been consciously enjoying the balance between giving and receiving, between intelligence and wisdom, liberty and volition, body and soul, involvement and peace, complexity and simplicity… and the list can go on foreverJ

Trainart: What is your main priority in life?

G.C.: To build and develop a community of healthy, happy and prosperous friends. And because of this I set out to get involved in the development of at least 100 purposeful, durable and successful businesses for which healthy, happy and prosperous employees work.

Trainart: What is the most adventurous thing you have done so far?

G.C.: I invested 500.000 euros in a complicated business, in a completely unknown field to me, with a business model I was testing for the first time. After 4 years of activity I managed to make a profit.

It was a real challenge and at the same time a valuable management and entrepreneurship lesson… so valuable you only have to do it once in your lifetime.

Trainart: Tell us briefly a situation when you felt Empowered/Resourceful/Spectacular.

G.C.: I like to live this feeling every morning… But because you asked for a specific example, I can say I felt absolutely fabulous when my children organized an excellent surprise party for me…

This year on my birthday they invited me to a beautiful art gallery where 50 friends were present. The entire gallery was decorated with style and refinement; there were hundreds of white roses, food and fine drinks, music for the soul. The walls were filled with photos and images which reminded me of lots of crazy and wonderful moments spent together.

My friends kept sneaking somewhere in a well-hidden room and I did not get what was happening…

I was blown away when they brought the cake and there was a video in which my friends were telling stories about me. They spoke so highly of me, which is something I couldn’t do even at my most arrogant.

To be honest, I was very emotional and cried with joy but at the same time I felt “Empowered/Resourceful/Spectacular”.

Trainart: What traits do you appreciate most when it comes to the people around you?

G.C.: I think every person has a set of traits which make her/him unique and I appreciate every person individually for what he/she is… But I am most attracted to people who are patient, wise, courageous, enthusiastic, simple, refined, kind…

Trainart: What is the most important piece of advice you can offer to young entrepreneurs in Romania?

G.C.: The most important piece of advice I can give to young women entrepreneurs is to bravely enter the business world because it’s a beautiful world, full of opportunities. However, they should preserve their femininity and naturalness because they are two very precious resources even in business.

Trainart: Name 4 goals you have on the “to do” list of your life.

G.C.: Every year on my birthday I choose a quiet place in nature and I write a long list with 100 wishes. I noticed it was a very important self-discovery exercise. Then I let wishes sink for a few days and then I choose 10 wishes for the present year… If I were to choose now just 4 of them, I would choose:

  • To found a school for young managers and entrepreneurs which is aimed to discover and tapping into talent, to train strategic thinking and financial education
  • To create a community of healthy, happy and prosperous friends
  • To still have the habit of spending 100 days on leave with my family and friends
  • To support every year at least 10 businesses which would increase their value and profit

Trainart: If you could live in a book/movie, what would you choose and why?

G.C.: I see myself having magical powers which help people discover and tap into their talent, to find their purpose in life and lead a fulfilled and meaningful life.

The first book which pops into my mind now is Mary Poppins. Apart from the apparent strictness, she shows the Banks children that the world is more than what you see at first glance and they are much more than they believe if they have the chance to discover themselves. What’s more, Mary Poppins teaches the children to identify their talent and look for their own way towards true values.

Trainart: When did you last do something for the first time?

G.C.: I love doing something for the first time because I like change so much… I love certainty but I am also attracted to the emotion triggered by uncertainty, by searching, by discovery.

Last week I had my first diction class because I intend to record myself singing or telling stories… I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I am convinced I will do it gladly, no matter what I choose.

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