CONTEST: Adela Ene – I step out of my comfort zone every day and I like that, I found out a lot of interesting things about me

A part of our contest consists of interviews with the registered people. Participants must go through 3 sets of questions (Career, ERS and Creative Innovation) to demonstrate to the jury they are really Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular.

We would you like to read about Adela Ene, Head of Marketing for Kinstellar law firm.


Trainart: What determined you to build a career in this field?

A.E.: I didn’t plan a career in this field, it was a happy coincidence. I like to communicate and do it easily, I enjoy writing, I think this field was right for me.

Trainart: Which one of your passions would you turn into a business?

A.E.: My passion for travels.

Trainart: How do you measure your own success?

A.E.: I don’t do it, I feel fulfilled.

Trainart: Who are you beyond your position?

A.E.: It was very hard for me to answer this question. I evolve, I discover myself every day. I am strong, ambitious, honest, creative, curious, optimistic, critical, stubborn, spontaneous, impatient, (sometimes and just a little) superficial, and I aspire to be the best mother, wife, daughter and friend.


Trainart: If you had 24 hours to live, how would you spend your day?

A.E.: Hoping it’s not my last, strongly believing it’s just a farce.

Trainart: If you had a message for mankind, what would it be?

A.E.: Be kind.

 Trainart: What would you like to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

A.E.: I think I would play the lottery.

Trainart: What was the most difficult decision you had to make last year? Describe it to us briefly.

A.E.: I haven’t taken any difficult choices last year. I think the hardest part is when I have to make compromises.

Trainart: Tell us when you last stepped out of your comfort zone.

A.E.: I step out of my comfort zone every day and I like it, I found out a lot of interesting things about me, last time during a coaching session.

Trainart: What character from a movie/a play do you identify with? What are the similiraties?

A.E.: None, to be honest. I try to identify with myself and I think it’s pretty complicated.

Trainart: If you were in the jury, why would you choose yourself as the winner?

A.E.: I am unique.

Creative Innovation

Trainart: If you could invent a new revolutionary product, what would it be?

A.E.: A universal drug for incurable diseases.

Trainart: If you could pass a law everybody should respect, what would it be and why?

A.E.: One day a week without phones, TVs and cars.

Trainart: If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

A.E.: Invisibility, to get to places I would like to see without paying, to attend meetings or discussions which make me curious or to be next to people I admire or despise.



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