Alice Tirsea – I’m fascinated by the diversity of people and the way in which a situation can be viewed from so many perspectives

Alice Tirsea is Managing Director for UCMS Group Romania, a multinational company which offers payroll, staff management and accounting. Alice is one of the women who are graceful leaders. She has a different vision on what management, team and success means and, at the same time, balances her professional with her personal life, as she will be a mother soon.

Trainart: What are your life values you apply in business?

A.T.:  Fairness, equality, understanding, respect and consideration for others’ needs, not only for your own targets, desires and interests. Balance and harmony when interacting with others and in everything I endeavour.

Trainart: What’s the most important change you made in the last year?

A.T.: It is happening right now. I am pregnant and I will have to make some changes together with my team in order for them to adapt to my absence. This will entail a substantial change of our current way of work, especially since I have been hands on for 3 years in many aspects of our activity.

I have worked on a new performance management system which is essentially changing our approach and way of work so far.

Trainart: What would you like to spend more time doing?

A.T.: Professionally, I would like to have more time for projects which pertain to the development of the team and the organization and I would also enjoy spending more 1 on 1 time with the members of my team. Personally, I would enjoy spending more time with my family.

Trainart: Tell us briefly a moment in your life when you felt Empowered/Resourceful/Spectacular.

A.T.: When I was asked if I was interested in taking the position of Managing Director of UCMS Group Romania given that we were discussing a potential collaboration, a partnership where I would have had the position of Consultant. It was a challenge and meant a professional growth compared to what I had done before. They were assuming a risk because I could not achieve anything; I did not have previous experience for this kind of position. Their confidence really boosted my morale and today I am glad I did not disappoint, on the contrary.

Trainart: What event would you like to happen again in your life?

A.T.: To be a part of coaching program like in 2009, a program which was like personal and professional revolution for me. I wish to go through that revelatory and transformative experience at some time and at the end to feel the emotions of a new beginning.

Trainart: What fascinates you?

A.T.: I’m fascinated by the diversity of people and the way in which a situation can be viewed from so many perspectives and can be interpreted in so many ways.

Trainart: What would be the name of a movie adapted from your play and who would play you?

A.T.: The film would be called „Appearances May Be Deceiving”, as I have always been searching for a deeper meaning for myself and for others. Angelina Jolie would play me.

Trainart: If you could travel through time and change a single thing, what would it be?

A.T.: At a certain time, when I was working for G4S, I could have created my own HR service business and G4S could have been my first client. I declined because I did not feel prepared. If I could turn back, I would accept without hesitating.

Trainart: If you had to give up on one of your 5 senses, which one would you change to do and why?

A.T.: I think I could do without taste because, even though I want what I eat and drink to be tasty, I am not a foodie, I really don’t live to eat. When I feel hungry and I have to eat, it feels like a chore.

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