CONTEST: Karmen Fabian – I think I resemble Snow White, strong and sensible at the same time

Part of our contest consists of interviews with the participant. They must anwer all the questions in the three sections in order to demonstrate the jury that they really are Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular.

Karmen Fabian is Human Resources & EHS Manager for Obris Eastern Europe.


Trainart: What made you want to have a career in this field?

K.F.: I ended up working in HR 20 years ago, by accident. But now I wouldn’t change it for the world. Working with people is probably the hardest, but also the best work.

Trainart: Which one of you passions would you turn into a business?

K.F.: My biggest passion is to travel, to see new places, new people, new cultures, but I don’t think I’d turn it into a business. I wouldn’t like to do that.

Trainart: How do you measure you own success?

K.F.: According to the satisfaction of those around me and how the business is going.

Trainart: Who are you, outside your job?

K.F.: A simple person.


Trainart: If you only had 24 hours to live, how would you spend the day?

K.F: I really don’t like to think about this. At all.

Trainart: If you had a message for the entire world, which one would it be?

K.F.: Behave better to one another.

Trainart: What would you like to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

K.F.: The same thing I’m doing now.

Trainart: Which was the most difficult decision you’ve had to take this year? Tell us about it.

K.F.: I don’t think there’s been such a situation the past year. All decisions are difficult, each one has its own degree of difficulty and complexity.

Trainart: Tell us about the most recent event that made you go out of your comfort zone.

K.F.: Giving a presentation in front of a lot of people; I don’t like speaking in public but I think that, in the end, it was ok because I only received positive feedback.

Trainart: What movie/theatre character do you identify with? Why?

K.F.: Perhaps Snow White, sensible and strong at the same time.

Trainart: If you were in the jury, what would be the reasons you’d choose yourself as the winner?

K.F.: For bravery, initiative, communication, the ability to work out problems.

Creative Innovation

Trainart: If you could invent a revolutionary product, what would it be?

K.F.: I’ll let inventors do their thing.

Trainart: If you could pass a law everybody must obey, what would it be?

K.F.: Respect and consideration for others. Why? Because it’s been missing lately.

Trainart: If you had a superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

K.F.: I wouldn’t like to have a superpower.

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