CONTEST: Florin Iliescu – If I manage to wake up smiling in the morning and end my day in the same way, I can say I’ve been successful

Part of our contest consists of interviews with the participant. They must anwer all the questions in the three sections in order to demonstrate the jury that they really are Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular.

Florin Iliescu is National Key Account Manager for LaDorna.


Trainart: What made you want to have a career in this field?

F.I.: It would be nice to say that this has been my dream since childhood. But the truth is it was a matter of circumstances and chance, together with the appeal of all those nights spent designing business plans with the team, with all the creative frenzy and the know how we were all insatiably absorbing at the beginning of our careers.

Trainart: Which one of you passions would you turn into a business?

F.I.: I am passionate about travel. And I do it as often as I can. And while planning all my trips I’ve learnt to make quick decisions, to put together well-documented plans; I’ve realized the importance of thorough research and the fact that the final result depends on all the interactions we have with those around us. I’ve learnt to look beyond classic approaches and to find new solutions all the time. So I could be an excellent consultant.

Trainart: How do you measure you own success?

F.I.: From my experience so far, I don’t believe in personal success within an organization. I do believe, however, in the success of my team. Obviously, within the company there are certain KPIs which I take into account when I evaluate my own performance and my team members’. But I don’t believe that success can be `measured`.

On a personal level, if I manage to wake up smiling in the morning and end my day in the same way, I can say I’ve been successful. If not, you know what Scarlett O’Hara says „Tomorrow is another day!”

Trainart: Who are you, outside your job?

F.I.: I’m an honest, vertical, stubborn and determined person. I spend every free moment I have with the people who make me happy. Trying to make their life beautiful.


Trainart: If you only had 24 hours to live, how would you spend the day?

F.I.: I’d refuse to look for answers to `Why`?

Trainart: If you had a message for the entire world, which one would it be?

F.I.: We are not the centre of the universe, but only grains of sand in an hourglass.

Trainart: What would you like to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

F.I.: I try, as much as possible, to do what I like. And this hardly ever fails. To be honest, where’s the fun in knowing from the beginning what the result will be? Maybe only playing the lottery.

Trainart: Which was the most difficult decision you’ve had to take this year? Tell us about it.

F.I.:The most difficult situations in my career in general, not just this year, are always connected to letting somebody in the team go. And I try, every time if that’s possible, to make this transition easier for everybody.

Trainart: Tell us about the most recent event that made you go out of your comfort zone.

F.I.: Meeting people who were literally starving while I made sales plans. And it wasn’t pleasant. It’s made me rethink everything life offers me.

Trainart: What movie/theatre character do you identify with? Why?

F.I.: When I was a child I used to pretend to be Captain Nemo and Hercule Poirot, but I stopped doing that as an adult. I’d rather hold on to those memories.

Trainart: If you were in the jury, what would be the reasons you’d choose yourself as the winner?

F.I.: Is there a winner?

The only thing I can say – Chapeau, ladies and gentlemen for you commitment and patience to evaluate all these applications, so different but, I bet, all of them so interesting.

Creative Innovation

Trainart: If you could invent a revolutionary product, what would it be?

F.I.: If I could invent a revolutionary product it would definitely be something connecting to car parking.

Trainart: If you could pass a law everybody must obey, what would it be?

F.I.: I’d like for us all to treat each other with respect and grace.

Trainart: If you had a superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

F.I.: Any super power implies huge responsibility. O superpower in the hands of one individual – here’s a scenario I wouldn’t want to find myself in.

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