Ciprian Micu – I would like people to learn that change comes from within, not from others

Ciprian Micu is General Manager General of Obrist Eastern Europe in Timisoara, supplier for the biggest refreshments companies on the market. Ciprian is a visionary manager, committed to developing his team. He has built his career by following in his father’s footsteps, and his passion for professional sports helped him understand that `talent helps you win matches, but team work wins championships`.

Trainart: When did you decide to choose this career path?

C.M.: Ever since I was a child, having as a role model my father, who was first an Army Officer, and later on General Director in several companies, I liked being organized and acting as a leader for groups of people. It was all reinforced when I took up professional sports because it was then that I understood that the `result` matters a lot and it is the teams with good coaches that give the best results. I was also a referee for a short period of time. During that time I learnt how to make quick and correct decisions, being, at the same time flexible and understanding.

As a matter of fact, one of the criteria which led to my hiring was the fact that I had been a referee. After graduating from the University, I was hired as Supervisor with a construction company and after just one year I started my career as a manager in an important multinational: Shell.

I was only 27 years old at the time and I was supervising a team of 80 people and one of the best pieces of advice I got from one of my bosses was: `Manage things as if it were your own company, Ciprian SRL.`

Trainart: Which is the greatest motivating factor in your life right now?

C.M.: The result and the way to reach it. It’s a short answer, but I’ve learnt that the result brings about all the other benefits: self-satisfaction, team motivation, well-being, the feeling of fulfilment.

Trainart: Tell us one new thing you’ve learnt about yourself recently.

C.M.: From a recent survey conducted among my staff regarding my managerial skills I’ve found out that I prize perfection too much. This is a good thing, but at the same time I’ve learnt to be patient when it comes to reaching perfection, by tapping into the individual differences of every member of my team. My mission now is to help them want to perfect themselves.

Trainart: Which is the most beneficial decision you have taken this year?

C.M.: The most beneficial decision has been to implement a coherent strategy regarding employee development and business plan improvement. Over the past year, against a stronger operational background arising from developing the skills of the entire team, we have obtained much better results in developing business relations.

Trainart: Which is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

C.M.: Improving the multinational client portfolio has been a constant challenge in the past two years as it requires well-designed and flexible working strategies according to the negotiations possibilities and access to the decision factors in other countries.

Trainart: Tell us about a life situation when you felt Empowered/Resourceful/Spectacular.

C.M.: In 1998 I was selected to take part in a multinational project of cost cutting and building a common database between factories in order to track investment needs.

I managed to propose a project which helped improve  the financial results of the company with more than 20% and I was involved in consolidating a database which could offer alternatives to meet the factories’ needs. Following the success of this project I received a job offer abroad, from the CEO himself.

Trainart: If you had the opportunity to go back in time, what would you do?

C.M.: I would accept that job. For sure!

Trainart: What have you always wanted to do but, for different reasons, you have never had the chance to?

C.M.: I’ve always wanted to have a shop for customizing classic cars. This is my passion and even if I don’t have the shop, I feel proud that I’ve build a car which I customised according to a project I designed. It is a step forward…

Trainart: Which is the aspect which you would mostly like to see changed in people?

C.M.: I would like people to learn that change comes from within, not from other people. I wish everybody reconnected to their inner soul and looked there for the resources to perfect themselves in every aspect of their life. I think this is the way to happiness.

Trainart: If you could choose any famous person, to have an academic discussion with, from any time and place, who would you choose and why?

C.M.: Steve Jobs. Because he represents excellence in terms of vision and innovation combined with nonconformism, commitment and ambition to fulfil his dreams.

Ciprian Micu portrays the model leader, constantly trying to improve the authentic management recipe.

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