CONTEST: Andreea Vanatoru– I am the perfect ‘character’ because I bring joy and colour everywhere I am

Our contest also includes interviews with those who signed up. The contestants must answer all the questions in our 3 section (Career, ERS and Creative Innovation) in order to demonstrate to the jury that they really are Empowered.Resourceful.Spectacular.

The first interview is with Andreea Vanatoru, HR Professional for JCI Romania.


Trainart: What made you decide you want a career in this field?

A.V.: The favourable situation I was in at that time and the possibility to gain more knowledge about organizational psychology which I was studying back then.

Trainart: Which one of your passions would you transform into a business?

A.V.: Jewellery design.

Trainart: How do you measure your own success?

A.V.: By the number of ‘equations’ solved.

Trainart: Who are you, outside work?

A.V.: A free atom within the system.


Trainart: If you only had 24 hours to live, how would you spend your last day?

A.V.: With my little girl, making sure it’s going to be a day she will never forget, a reference point in her life.

Trainart: If you had a message for the entire world, what would it be?

A.V.: We stole the show!

Trainart: What would you like to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

A.V.: Start my own business.

Trainart: Which was the most difficult decision you’ve had to take this year? Tell us about it.

A.V.: To stay with the same company for the 7thyear and to prove, once more, that I bring added value, with new projects, and without any financial incentives.

Trainart: Tell us about the last time you went out of your comfort zone.

A.V.: A Belbin project – an organizational culture transformation project, design workshops for the management team and extending this project to the entire TESA team – 60 people.

Trainart: What movie/theatre character do you resemble most? What are the similarities?

A.V.: DeeDee( Dexter’s Laboratory) – even if she is a cartoon character, I identify myself with her. We are both curious: „Uuu, what does this button do?”

Trainart: If you were the jury, what would be the reason to pick yourself as the winner?

A.V.: I am the perfect ‘character’ because I bring joy and colour everywhere I am.

Creative Innovation

Trainart: If you could invent a new revolutionary product, what would it be?

A.V.: A ‘serum’ that would annihilate negative feelings (hatred, envy, jealousy, etc). A ‘magic wand’ which could bring memories to the present.

Trainart: If you could pass a law that all the people had to obey, what would it be and why?

A.V.: If it could become a law (thus if it were enforced) I would vote for: ‘Do as you would be done by!’

Trainart: What would be your superpower and what would you do with it?

A.V.: Stretching and compressing time as I wish J – or time travel. Obviously, I would use this superpower for a good cause…and to satisfy my curiosity.

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