Wargha Enayati – It is in my belief that we have to change in better the world we live in

Wargha Enayati is the founder of Queen Mary Foundation and a cardiologist. He is one of the people proving the essence of authentic success, and, even more, he proves that being authentically successful is not an external condition of life, but an internal condition of every individual. He sees the world with good eyes, and the work and the perseverance that transformed him in what he is today are the particularities of him as a person.

Trainart: What is the main reason that convinced you to go to medical school? The fact that you come from a family with a lot of doctors made an impact on your decision?

W.E.: The main reason was that in my family we have a tradition in medical professions, and, being uninspired, I considered that I have to follow the same professional pattern. In the same time, coming from a very flexible family, moving from a country to another, I considered that medicine is a profession I can practice anywhere in the world.

Trainart: You arrived in Romania during the Communist regime, and your first business was in real estate. What made you focus on medicine, though?

​W.E.: Indeed I came in Romania during the Communist regime. My motivation was neither business nor staying in Romania, because at the time it was impossible to even think that I can stay for long term in this country.

Trainart: What is your motivation source? Is it different from what motivated you in the young years?

​W.E.: The source of motivation in childhood, in youth and even now is my belief that we have to change for the better the world we live in, inspired by Bahá’í Faith.

Trainart: What would you change in Romanian business environment?

W.E.: Together with a few businessmen I have founded a group named UMANager, through which we promote both business ethics and the people we consider business role models.

Trainart: Which would you think to be the turning-point of your career?

W.E.: The turning point in my life was 1983, when I graduated high-school, when I was accepted to study Medicine school at Regensburg Faculty and still I decided to leave all the advantages Germany would have offered me to do some sort of pioneering in Romania.

Trainart: Tell us shortly 3 life situations when you felt empowered/resourceful/spectacular.

W.E.: I can tell:

  1. My recognition as a doctor of the German Embassy and of Luftansa company.
  2. My family
  3. My faith
  4. The first sale of shares of my company to an Investments Fund in 2007.

Trainart:  You are a follower of the Bahá’í Faith, which is why you were also attracted by Queen Mary`s actions, do you ussualy follow specific practices ( fasting, daily prayer etc)?

W.E.: We have specific practices in Bahá’í Faith, like praying, fasting, meditation, but all of these practices and the process of transformation which we are trying to make it happen in ourselves must be aimed at helping and serving our fellowmen and making efforts to make the world we live to be a better place.

Some principles of the Bahá’í Faith that helped me in this way are the fact that there is only one God , that all religions come from the same divine source, that there is unity in diversity and that all of these are the ultimate purpose of the mankind destiny.

Trainart: Of all medical specialties, you chose cardiology. What is the reason of this choice?

W.E.: My uncle was one of the eminent cardiologists from Iran. He was kidnapped and killed in 1980 because he was a member of the Bahá ‘í Community in this country. He has been an example for me.

Trainart: If you could choose a personality of all time sand all geographical areas to have an academic conversation with, who would he/she be?

W.E.: ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

Trainart: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their business?

W.E.: To try everything with vigilance and steadfastness, to know numbers and statistics, to try from the beginning to be ethical in everything they do and to have a lot of patience.

Albert Einstein says that you must try to become a valuable person and not necessarily a successful man, Wargha Enayati is one of the people with a special importance in his domain and who has kept beauty in his soul.

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