Parallel worlds

Romania is the place where two completely different worlds exist, without interfering.

One is modern, corporate-driven, democratized, “internetized”, and the other one is grey, “Cinderella”  still wearing the 80`s Romanian clothes (yes, the communist ones) and completely reluctant at everything  new.
In one of my recently training experiences, because of some insignificant factors, I had the chance to walk on this grey world – one fence apart from modern world.

As a metaphor, the fence recalled me the symbol of the Berlin Wall.

It is about a hotel- actually two, separated by a fence. It`s fantastic how, walking inside each of them, you actually walk in that specific world it represents.

I was amazed to feel and then to become aware about the extraordinary power of hotel`s environment  to shift me, in a second, to the world where we used to learn multiplication table at the candle light, where the staff was “the king” instead of the client, where you can feel everywhere a terrible tension coming from all times’ hardships.

In these parallel worlds, people work…parallel from one another.

How can you start to explain to a hotel receptionist that he/she cannot “bark” at you to hurry up, because the chef is about to leave. Because when they don`t have clients, they simply go home. Where to start to communicate with them? How? Training? Coaching? Beautiful illusions…I am sure that these people think to themselves they are doing their best. So where do you start to tell them that not just it is not enough, but it is even insulting, offensive and, as a human being (you) who connects with other human beings (them), you feel angry, helpless…

How can we open a door to the heart of those people? To ask them to forget about their ego and to look  around  without judging?

It is a very odd feeling…and after this situation I get a lesson, I am sure it is an opportunity to do something…I will think about it.

Maybe without being related, looking at the bill, the supplier is the Orthodox Episcopal Office of Covasna and Harghita.

How can we help you, good people, to create together one single world in Romania?

We dearly receive ideas, answers, suggestions.

Written by:

Adriana Boscanici, General Manager Trainart

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