Jury standards “Business Role Models”

The jury will evaluate every person signed up in the Contest according to the following criteria:


  • The complexity of the solved business situation
  • The context of the situation: time/ costs and human resources
  • How often this situation appears in the company/team
  • Possible consequences of not solving the problem
  • Solution’s potential for best practice, for similar situations
  • Concrete results the department/company had after solving this situation


  • Team was involved and guided in solving the problem
  • Benefits team obtained after solving the situation
  • Feedback from the team


  • Originality (innovative, beyond the standards already known) of the manner the situation was solved
  • The initiative to solve the problem was taken spontaneously or after one of superior’s/team`s suggestion
  • Resources and effort necessary to solve the situation
  • The attitude of the person regarding the situation
  • The way to relate with the team (if there was necessary to involve it) in order to solve the situation
  • Person’ attitude after solving the problem
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