Contest regulation “Business Role Models”


1.1. The organizer of the contest “Business Role Models” ( further named “the Contest”) is the company S.C. TRAINART SRL, located in Bucharest, Cetatea Histria Street, no.7, sector 6, registered with the Trade Registry under number J40/19718/2006, C.U.I. RO 19284183, bank account RO45BTRL 0450 1202 B854 33XX, opened at Banca Transilvania, Victoria Branch, represented by Adriana Boscanici – General Manager (further named “the Organizer”).

1.2. The contest will be conducted under the conditions included in this regulation (further named “The Regulation”). The terms and conditions of this Regulation, as they are shown below, are mandatory for all the participants in the contest.

1.3. The organizer has the right to modify or change the Regulation; these modifications and changes will come into effect 1 (one) day after the participants in the Contest are informed of these modifications and changes on the Organizer’s Facebook page.

1.4. The participants manifest their tacit agreement with the potential modifications of this Regulation, by continuing to participate in the Contest. Otherwise they have the right to request their withdrawal from the Contest.



2.1. The Contest “Business Role Models” will be held between 20 April – 20 September 2015 and it will be organized and will run online, on the website and

2.2. The Organizer has the right to extend the period of the Contest during its ongoing, but not before announcing it publicly.



3.1. The Contest “Business Role Models” is accessible to the legal entities on Romania territory.

3.2. The Contest is not accessible to the employees of S.C.Trainart SRL, to media companies or to all agencies involved in this campaign.

3.3. Participation in this Contest involves the explicit acceptance of all clauses of this Regulation, accessible at the addresses and

3.4. By registering in this Contest, you declare that you agree with and approve of entirely the terms of this Regulation.

3.5.Eligible to participate in this Contest are those legal entities carrying out their activities on Romanian territory and have a minimum of 50 employees on Romanian territory and they have at least one human resources responsible.

3.6. The physical persons nominated to participate in the Contest must be employees of the legal entities that take part in the Contest or must be involved in any other form of contractual raport with the legal entity that takes part in the Contest, out of which their affiliation to the legal entity’s employees team can be proved.

3.7. The period of time spent by participants in order to accomplish the activities necessary for participating in the Contest will be set as working or rest time according to the agreement between each participant and legal entity for which he/she competes.

3.8. The persons proposed by human resources managers or by top and middle management teams, must be able to entirely fill up with relevant information the participation form and to express their clear consent to be nominated as participant of the Contest.



4.1. The Contest will take place on social media platform Facebook and on the company’s blog

4.2. During this Contest, by communicating through social media platform Facebook and the company’s blog, more information useful related to this Contest will be provided, all these details being an integrant part of the Regulation.



5.1. In order to participate in this Contest and to officially register in the Contest, the participant shall respect all the conditions written in this Regulation.

5.2.There will become a participant in this Contest and commit to entirely and integrally observe this Regulation, any Romanian or multinational company, which, by its human resources representative, will fill up the registration to the Contest and meets all the conditions enlisted in this Regulation.

5.3. Contest implementation mechanism:

The Contest is organized by the company S.C. Trainart S.R.L. between 20 April – 20 September 2015 and it will run in the following manner:

  • The Human Resources Specialists from companies fill up the ERS form which allows them to register 1-3 people in the “Business Role Models” Campaign. The form must be filled in for each person because it represents a short argumentation why people recommended are ERS ( Resourceful. Spectacular.)
  • The argumentation will shortly describe a business situation solved by the recommended participant and the manner he/she solved it.
  • Trainart team will make a written or video interview with every registered person and will upload it on the company`s blog, on social networks, on the company`s newsletter.
  • During the period 21 September – 21 October 2015, a jury consisted of Trainart guests (top managers, C level, Entrepreneurs) will evaluate every registered candidate in the Contest based on the application, the interview, and on several criteria written under Section 6 of the Regulation.
  • The winners will be announced on the company`s blog, through media and on the social networks of the company, on 24 October 2015.
  • During October-December 2015, SC Trainart SRL, along with the human resources representatives from winning companies, will establish the method to implement the programs that were won.
  • The implementation period of the programs is 5 January – 28 February 2016.



The jury will evaluate every person signed up in the Contest according to the following criteria:


The complexity of the business situation solved;

The context of the situation: time, financial resources and human resources;

How often this situation appears in the company/team;

Possible consequences of not solving the situation;

Solution’s potential for best practice, for similar situations;

Concrete results the department/company had after solving this situation;



Team was involved and guided in solving the problem;

Benefits obtained by the team after solving the situation;

Feedback from the team;



Originality (innovative, beyond the standards already known) of the manner in which the situation was solved;

The initiative to solve the problem was spontaneous or was it the idea of the superior/of the team;

Resources and effort necessary to solve the situation;

The attitude of the person regarding the situation;

The way the person related with the team (if it was necessary to involve the team) in order to solve the situation;

Person’ attitude after solving the problem;



7.1. During this contest 3 prizes will be awarded, which consists of training programs organized for free for the winners / the legal entities employers of the winning contestants:

Prize I: Metamorphosis Training Program (duration 4 days/team of max 12 members)

Prize II: Mind Tricks/Creativity and Innovation Training Program (duration 2 days/team of max 12 members)

Prize III: Individual coaching sessions (8 sessions of 1 hour long)

7.2. The Training programs that are about to be awarded will be organized in a demonstrative way for free in order to market the services offered by the Organizer;

7.3. The Training programs offered as a prize include the entire package of services/ activities related to each category;

7.4. The prizes will be offered to winning companies after the confirmation as final winners.

7.5. The number of participants at the training programs and their identity for winning companies of the 1st Prize and 2nd Prize are about to be established by the winning legal entity with the mention that it is not compulsory that individuals who effectively participated to the Contest be among the participants at the training programs, the selections of participants is at the choice of the winning company according to its internal regulation and limited to the available number of places.

7.6. The winning company of the 3rd Prize will nominate for participating at individual coaching sessions up to 5 employees with the mention that it is not compulsory that the individuals who effectively participated to the contest should be among the participants at the individual coaching sessions, the selections of participants is at the choice of the winning company according to its internal regulation and limited to the available number of places.



8.1. The winners will be announced through the Facebook page, blog page and newsletter 5 (five) days after the Contest ends.

8.2. The training sessions and coaching session dates will be mutually agreed upon after the announcement of winners, depending on the winning company’s schedule and pre-existent appointments at  S.C. TRAINART S.R.L.

8.3. In order to do so, S.C. TRAINART S.R.L. will communicate to every winner a list with the time (hours) available for scheduling training / coaching sessions.



9.1. The Organizer of the Contest will award the prize to winners according to the specifications of this Regulation.

9.2. Any decision about the Contest taken by S.C. Trainart S.R.L is final and it will not be submitted to any appeal.



10.1. By participating in this Contest, participants confirm their knowledge of the Official Regulation statements and they agree with these and also agree to include their personal information in database of the Organizer, in order to participate at this Contest and for the possibility to receive further information about services and events of S.C. Trainart SRL

10.2. The participants have the right to request, by a written application to Organizer, the changing, deleting or updating of the personal information according to law 677 / 2001.

10.3. The participants have the right to obtain from the operator, on request and free of charge for one request per year, the confirmation of the fact that their personal information is or is not processed by the operator and also have the right to oppose in any moment, for good and legitimate reasons related to their particular situation, to their personal information being processed by the operator.

10.4. The address of receiving the requests related to personal information is S.C. Trainart SRL, Viitorului 150A Street, Floor 2, Sector 2, Bucharest.

10.5. Participation in the Contest “Business Role Models” assumes the agreement of the potential winner with the fact that their name be made public according to the legislation in force. The information regarding winners will be kept into the company’s accounting files, according to fiscal legislation.
11.1. The potential litigations appeared between the Organizer and participants in the Contest will be solved amicably or in case this will not be possible, litigations will be solved by Romanian legal court from Bucharest county.
11.2. The applicable law is Romanian legislation.

12.1. The Contest will be interrupted only in case of major force or by unilateral decision of the Organizer.
12.2. By participation at this Contest, participants agree to accept this Regulation.

S.C.Trainart S.R.L.








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