Andrei Rosu – the one who proves that you have to want to can

Andrei Rosu_Modele Umane in Afaceri

I met Andrei in a Friday evening, when spring was still sleepy, somewhere in the North of Bucharest, he had just finished a day at work. Andrei was waiting for me in a cafe, sitting at a corner table. He was wearing a grey black-checked shirt and had by his side his inseparable recipient with magic water (I thought).

Andrei Rosu is, first of all, a family guy and than an honourable corporate employee and a successful marathoner.

Trainart: Which are, actually, the most important accomplishments for Andrei?

A.R: First of all, to be a model father for my children, Ema and Alex. Than, the fact that I have managed to become a healthy person, not only physical, but also psychical. After my first marathon, the one at the North Pole, I entered the Guiness Book and World Records Academy, even if it wasn’t a purpose for me. In 2014 I launched a successful program “Coaching in Alergare” (Coaching through jogging). This year I overpassed the barrier of 15.000 kilometres and 800.000 visitors on my personal website. I am fully satisfied with my professional accomplishments and especially with the personal ones.

Trainart: Why did you choose to run, instead of another sport?

A.R.: Because performance is achieved when you don’t stop. (he laughs). Initially, I have chosen running because it is a healthy and easy way to loose weight, to keep fit and keep your heart healthy. After that, I added swim lessons and bicycle training.

Trainart: What fears did you overpass after 4 years of sports?

A.R.: First and the most important motivation came out of fear. I was afraid that I won’t be an appropriate father for my son, that my life style will affect him too. And I couldn’t admit this. Other fears… as everyone else. I was afraid of public speaking, a barrier I surpassed after my first TEDx speech. I was afraid of heights, which seems to be a piece of cake when you reach the Himalaya or Everest territories. I overcame many fears, such as fear of unknown, commitments, ridicule, failure. I think that determination, perseverance, and, last but not least, desire, are the ingredients for an anti-fears recipe.

Trainart: What did you learn in these years dedicated to sports discipline?

A.R.: I have learned that success is an assembly of small efforts, repeated daily. And the recipe is easier than it seems – Dream.Plan.Action. Pursued in this order, you may have the guarantee that you will succeed in everything you aim for. You have to want in order to can.

Trainart: Trainings ask for special life and nutrition rhythm. How did your family support you?

A.R.: I can say, honestly, that they are my daily motivation. For them, I surpassed my limits, I became a better man and a model. I can say I was fully supported by my wife, Oana, and every obstacle would have been even more difficult without them.

Trainart: You are a father of two, what advice would you give them, which values you would recommend them to follow and pursue?

A.R.: My list is exactly like any other list of a parent who wants the best for his children. Ambition and perseverance to keep going until they succeed, trust in one self that they will be a success, integrity to choose the right path, patience to be aware that nothing happens over night, trend to excelence to give their best and passion, because nothing great has been accomplished without it.

Trainart: Discipline is not a simple thing, especially when you work in a corporation, you are a father, a husband and a marathoner. How do you keep your motivation?

A.R.: Discipline prepares us daily for obstacles to come. And, in order to give 120% all the time, you have to respect a strict guidance. I became a balanced person, organized and, obviously, more productive. When you have in mind your own well developed plan and what you aim to do to accomplish it, a quarter of the journey is already done.

Trainart: What is your next objective you aim for in order to overcome your limits?

A.R.: From my point of view, my way will only follow the progress. As I often state, I want to accomplish what I have started,  my aspiration is to finish a Deca Ultra (38 km swim, 1800 km bicycle, 420 km run). As I used to say, Deca is my Mecca.

Trainart: When does a person is Empowered – Resourceful – Spectacular?

A.R.: Any time one keeps something  in mind and manages to accomplish it. The power comes from ones’ interior, is like a door waiting to be opened. Creativity is just an extension of our enthusiasm, and if we manage to bring them together in a common point, then we are really spectacular.

It is said that great things are acquired slowly, but nothing happens if you stay put and Andrei Rosu is the one to underline this saying. Not only that he didn’t stay put, he started to run to reach his objectives, and when your dream is placed after the finish line, the distance and invested efforts intensify the journey experience.

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